Gilcrest Center - Ohio



I am a healthcare provider and have had multiple family members at this daycare since 2011. I find that their compassion, caring, and love that they show each and every individual that they help to take care of is beyond exceptional.

Sandra S.

I have been attending the Gilcrest Center for six years, I am grateful for all of the staff and everything they do for me. The Gilcrest Center has introduced me to a lot of good friends and has improved my social life, they also have plenty of activities to keep everyone busy throughout the day. I consider everyone at Gilcrest Center a second family.  

Beverly N.

Gilcrest Center Daycare are the most kind, helpful, dependable people that have ever ran a business. They always offer to help you with whatever problem you may have, they have the most friendly aides and office personal anywhere. If you are looking for a daycare to send a loved one to, you cannot go wrong with the Gilcrest Center.


I really want to say that the Gilcrest Center is the reason my mother is still alive at 84 years old. My mother came to the Gilcrest Center 10 years ago, and the experience she had was absolutely incredible. I am greatly appreciative to all of the people who work at the Gilcrest Center for giving me peace of mind knowing that my mother was being taken care of. My gratitude to the Gilcrest Center is unspeakable, I am truly blessed that they care and love to help assist the elderly. I recommend the Gilcrest Center to every person that's able to attend, tears come to my eyes when I think of the Gilcrest Center. Thank you to all of you for everything that you have done, I am blessed that you exist.

Barb D.