adult day services

We look forward to welcoming you to our community, where compassion meets care.

Tailored Care for Enhanced Living

Caring for an aging family member is a privilege filled with honor, but it can also present unique challenges. Here at Gilcrest Center, we’re your supportive partner, ready to assist during these demanding times. We also recognize that as you age and your lifestyle and position changes, time spent with others may diminish. We’re here to give you a place to come and make friends, form bonds, and have fun.

At Gilcrest Center, our Adult Daycare program integrates essential health services with stimulating social and therapeutic activities to support your daily lifestyle.

We are a special place where seniors gather together during the day to enjoy the companionship of new friends. You’ll find our atmosphere is a fun, healthy, and safe choice for you or your loved ones.

Our main focus is supporting caregivers by helping them to keep their family members at home through comprehensive programming specifically tailored for adults who are in need of loving, caring and kind supervision and assistance through out the day.

Our center provides a secure, fun, and healthy environment where seniors can come together during the day for companionship and engaging activities. We’re more than just a facility; we’re a community that fosters friendship and camaraderie.

Our services are approved through Medicaid waiver, PASSPORT, United Health Care, Care Coordination, as well as My Care Ohio’s Buckeye, Care Source, and United insurances. (We’re also in the process of obtaining our VA contract.).

We also accept private pay clients. We work with our local Wayne County Jobs & Family Services.

For those with Medicare insurance, or those looking for a drop-in, please call into the billing department to discuss your options.  330-658-7035, Option 4, or Ext. 103 for the Doyleston location. 



Our program benefits individuals attending our center, their caregivers, families, adults with physical impairments, those who may feel isolated and lonely, adults living with memory impairments such as Alzheimer’s, MCI, Dementia, adults living with chronic conditions, and adults being discharged from nursing homes, hospitals, or rehabilitation facilities.

At the Gilcrest Center, you can maintain your independence as our well-trained staff works with you and your family to provide the peace of mind you need to live a long and healthy life. We’re proud to be an equal opportunity provider.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you and your loved ones. We look forward to welcoming you to our community. Welcome to Gilcrest Center, where compassion meets care.

ADULT DAY Services

Our Adult Day program is designed to integrate health services with social and therapeutic activities, helping to maintain and enhance day-to-day life. We understand the challenges caregivers face, and we’re here to help. Gilcrest Center is a haven where seniors gather to enjoy the companionship of new friends.

Our main focus is to support caregivers by offering comprehensive programming tailored for adults in need of loving, kind supervision and assistance throughout the day, as well as offering a friendly environment for those in need of companionship. Our services include:

  • Balanced Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks
  • Trained Staff: Skilled Caregivers, Certified RN’s and STNA’s
  • Activities: Games, arts, crafts, bingo, exercise, Nintendo Wii, Corn Hole, and more!
  • Outdoor Area: A secure space for leisure and field trips
  • Field Trips!
  • Transportation: To and from the center
  • Assistance: Physical activities, social interaction, stimulating games, arthritis relief exercises, memory activities, caregiver support, medication assistance, bathing assistance, feeding assistance, and assistance with toileting.

Fostering Independence

While we acknowledge the critical role of nursing homes in providing long-term care, we firmly believe in an individual’s right to choose. At Gilcrest Center, we are committed to ensuring that no one should have to opt for institutionalization due to a lack of home and community-based long-term care service options.

Join the Gilcrest Center today, where quality care meets compassionate service.

At the Gilcrest Center, you can maintain your independence as our expert staff work closely with you and your family, providing the peace of mind needed for a long and healthy life. As an equal opportunity provider, we’re dedicated to serving all individuals with the highest level of professional care.